How do I apply to go to University?

Ok so you found out about the course you want to do and what university but you are saying to your self how do I apply, first thing to do is to get a UCAS (Universities and colleges admission service) Form, from any careers advice office, then you fill it in.

Don’t worry that when you get the form that it is 6 pages long, you can do it also you will have a guide book that comes with the form to help you fill it in with all the code etc,  if you want to know more about UCAS please follow the link below and in this day of the Internet you can even apply to the university online through the UCAS site

UCAS (University and college admission service) –

What Universities are out there?

Ok you know what you want to do but don’t know the university, Ok below are links to pushguide, which guide to universities and whatuni, all of which have a lot of helpful details about Universities in the united Kingdom (If you want study abroad including the USA see the complete university guide link below) 

How do I finance myself while at University?

Ok you have been though UCAS and you have now got your place at university but how do I finance myself while at university with no grant as that was stopped in 1999, well there are lots of ways really the first is to get a part time job, but this may interfere with your studies.

The second is to get a loan from the student loans company (SLC) with this loan you don’t have to pay it back until after your course has finished.

Another way is sponsorship these come in all shorts of ways, one of the sponsorship ways is NHS sponsorship if you are on any medical courses the NHS give you money to study, the next way is a company sponsorship where a company pays you to study and you work for them after you finished your studies Another thing to think about is tuition fees as these days you have to pay them, if you or your parents don’t earn enough. your local LEA (local education authority) can pay it for

you further details about finance please follow the links below.

other useful sites

National union of students

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