Below is some cool information and video about being a Christian at university

So you are now in University enjoying university life, but you may be thinking I need to find a church now, the below link should be able to help you find one

(but may be your wondering, why do I need to find a church?, if you are a Christian it is a good idea to find a church as it gives you resources and it gives you fellowship with other Christians that can help you on your Christian walk and help you grow as a Christian without a church I may find it very hard to live as a Christian)

Christian Student Services

If you are a student or going to university the following student groups can help you while you are at university

OK so you are thinking about the summer and want to help on a mission or you are leaving University and want the join a christian mission group or you are thinking about a university gap year the next link is for you

Long/Short term Christian Service and bible colleges

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