I like to ask you a question “how do you learn” or “when you are learning to do something what is your prefer method of learning. reading, watching videos or having a go yourself”

If you are going to study at university or college and do well you need to learn, how you learn personally, when you do that you do better on your course.

one practical application to this would be when you study for a exam, in knowing your style you will take on the information you need better, every one is different and we have our own style built into our personality, what works for your friend may not work for you.

in some courses you will also have to learn things yourself to do assignments for example on a computer course you may have to learn a programming language or on a medical course you will have to learn parts of the body and the list goes on, in learning your learning style will help you also to do this,

also this will help you in life as we are always learning new things through out our life, we never stop learning.

The styles of learning are listed below from the open university site
1) listening/reading (auditory learners)
2) seeing/visualising (visual learners)
3) experiencing/hands-on learning (kinaesthetic learners)
4) feeling/belonging (social/emotional learners)
5) reflecting/evaluating (metacognitive learners)

The following sites are a good resources in knowing your own learning style including a test you can take that will help you find your learning style and how to use it.



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